Welcome Letter

When you submit an order with us, our staff generates a welcome letter for you. This welcome letter contains vital information for accessing your account. Information such as, nameservers, account username and password, control panel access, FTP access, and how to reach our technical support department.

When you submit your order, you are presented with a username and password to access your welcome letter. This information is what should be used in the form below. If you did not catch this information, do not panic. The information will also be e-mailed to you shortly after the account is setup and your information is verified. If it has been a few hours since you submitted your order and you are still have not received your information or are having trouble logging in, please contact our Sales Department to inquire further.

When you log in you will see your welcome letter information and your account details. You will also see a link to download your welcome letter in PDF format. It is recommended that you download your welcome letter and save it in a safe place. The online version of your welcome letter information will only be accessible online for 1 week after your account has been set up.


Did you receive a message directing you to this page and you are unsure what it is for? Please Contact Us to find out more information.